Use Vim

I’ve always been avoiding ‘complex’ editors like emacs and vim mainly for their steep learning curves. Well that was my very biased opinion, having never actually tried them long enough to fall in love with either of them. I remembered trying to learn emacs some time ago, but then gave up shortly due to its inherent complexities. Truth be told, I despise intricate tools like emacs that I’d rather use editors as primitive as nano and gedit. But after having to ssh into my remote lab computer on a slow connection and moving from the top to the bottom of the document with the down-arrow key, I decided nano and gedit can never be an option. Entered Vim..

The good thing about Vim is that it does not take much time to learn the first few basic commands that will get you through most situations. Sometimes there may be commands that make thing faster, but it’ll come down to the personal choice of having to do a little more work or learn a few more tricks. 



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