Scientific writing

After writing the rebuttal for the reviews of our paper comes a hard-learned lesson in academic writing: show the evidence. In our paper, after some explanation and reasoning, we made a general statement saying ‘A is X’ but we had never shown that A is indeed X theoretically or empirically. As such, we were not able to strongly defend this argument and so it was inexplicable to respond to the reviewer who made the comment. At some point came the thought that it would have been easier to say ‘we are sorry the statement was sloppy’ đŸ™‚ Although the two other reviewers said they enjoyed reading the paper, this does not hide the fact that that sentence lacked scientific validity. Hunches and intuition are acceptable and in fact used outside of the academia all the times; indeed, it is rather tedious if not boring to provide figures following every claim that one makes. However, the lesson remains that to really convince people: show plenty of evidence, emphatically.

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