Effective diet

Having been on my own for more than a month, I’ve developed what I consider a very effective diet based on four important criteria. It is healthy, does not take much preparation, has low cost, and easy to implement.

First off, below is a list of items, sometimes with the right way to consume, that are highly recommended by doctors or specialists. I’m not going to give specific scientific explanations — doing so is inefficient time-wise, which is against the purpose of the promoting practice anyway. And most of these are actually common sense or widely accepted wisdom.


  • Apple (eat with skin as it’s the most nutritious part), grape, banana, papaya


  • Carrot (better if at least medium cooked, such as boiled)
  • Potato (also better if cooked)
  • Sweet potato (pink ones are the best)
  • Corn (makes good soup or porridge)
  • Capsicum, spinach, kale, broccoli (steam or fry), brussel sprouts, mushroom, pumpkin
  • Greens
  • Healthy fats (butter, eggs, avocados, olive oil, canola oil)


  • Water
  • Green tea (about two cups a day: first boil the water, let it cool down a bit (3 mins?), pour into the tea cup, drink after 3 minutes – take off the tea bag if there is any)
  • Red wine (grape)
  • Yogurt
  • Soup (bone, mushroom)
  • Juice (orange, tomato)
  • Hot chocolate


  • Eat only moderately, meat of smaller animals typically has higher protein density.

Well, you may be laughing now as this is like the list of everything they sell in the supermarket. But that is exactly the advantage of it: it’s easy and convenient to stop by the fresh fruits and vegetables section of your favourite store and pick up what you need. No more wasting time at the supermarkets.

Having seen the options, I’ve designed a menu that allows me to have enough intake of nutritious elements yet does not take too much time.

Breakfast: whole grain cereal with milk + one banana (or some grapes, apple) – less than 2 minutes to prepare
Lunch + dinner: rice + one dish of boiled mixed veggies (e.g pumpkin + potato) + one dish of grilled chicken / prawns / pork – less than 20 minutes to prepare for 2 meals. I use foil when grilling so that I don’t have to clean the oven or frypans.

The time spent on meal preparation and washing the dishes is valuable exercise time. Also it’s a good way to unwind  your mind after a long hard-working day.