Finance and Investing in Under an Hour

I just finished watching this video (link at the end of the post) by William Ackman on Finance and Investing. Despite the exaggerated title, the content is reasonably informative and is a good introduction as well as a refresher to the topic. Also some of the recommendations are worthy to keep in mind when you’re investing.

I took some screenshots from the video for reference later:

So his keys to successful investing:

  • Invest in public companies
  • Understand how the company makes money
  • Invest at a reasonable price (e.g. avoiding too much fee for trading or management)
  • Invest it a company that could last forever (e.g. Cocacola, McDonald)
  • Find a company with limited debt
  • Look for high barriers to entry
  • Invest in a company immune to extrinsic factors
  • Invest in a company with low reinvestment costs
  • Avoid business with controlling shareholders